HQI Kick off

New project finaly started!

New project kicks off!

On the 17.02.2023 I had the pleasure to attend the launch of the HQI (Hybrid quantum initiative) project! Roughly speaking, this project will have as its goals to incorporate various quantum devices into the French high performance computing infrastructure. I am happy to lead one of the work package together with Christphe Vuillot on Error Characterization and Mitigation, endowed with three million euros. Together with six partners, we will work on equipping this platform with error mitigation and characterization tools. Besides coordinating the effort, I will work on providing the platform with novel methods to characterize quantum simulators. That is, how to make sure that the simulator is indeed implementing the time evolution it is supposed to and how to determine the noise rates.

The project will run for five years, so make sure to check the HQI website for more details and updates!

I have postdoc positions available through this project, so let me know if you are interested on this topic!

Daniel Stilck França
Daniel Stilck França
Inria Starting Faculty (similar to Assistant Professor)

My research interests include quantum computation and information with a mathematical focus.